What Great Leaders Believe…


Have you ever spent time reflecting on the fundamental beliefs of leaders? Join me…this is a thought-provoking exercise that gets to the heart of what leadership means to you. What do you believe to be true about leadership? What are your deepest convictions about leadership?

As someone who aspires to be a great leader, I believe…

  • That leaders are made, not born.
  • That leaders aspire to answer the call to leadership in their own unique way.
  • That leaders strive to communicate effectively.
  • That leaders practice empathy on a daily basis. 
  • That leaders work on themselves first and their people second.
  • That leaders recognize the inherent value of personal and professional development.
  • That leaders understand that learning is a lifelong process.
  • That leaders subscribe to the idea that, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” (John F. Kennedy)
  • That leaders know the deep and lasting impact of these words, “I believe in you.” 
  • That leaders who strive to be servants receive more than they could ever give.
  • That the model of leadership that works best for me is a servant leadership model.
  • That my leadership mantra is: “To serve is to lead. To lead is to serve.” 
What do you believe? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section. I can’t wait to hear what you believe about leadership. Have a fantastic day!

One thought on “What Great Leaders Believe…

  1. Amber, you could not have said it any better….I share this same belief with you…especially the deep desire to see those around you be the best that they can be and how you can help them get there. Thank you for your leadership in our lives!

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