What is your leadership story?

Each of us has our own unique life story. And I personally believe that each and every person is a leader. Whether you accept it or not, you are called to be a leader in your life. You may hold many leadership roles or just one, but you ARE a leader.

Have you ever reflected on your own leadership journey? Do you know your leadership story? Understanding your own growth as a leader is instrumental in fully embracing your role as a leader. 

Here are a few questions to reflect on as you seek to write your leadership story:

  • What leadership roles are most important in your life right now?
  • When you think back, what leadership role brought about the most personal growth?
  • When was the first time you identified yourself as a leader?
  • Do you have a clear memory of a moment when you fully embraced your responsibility as a leader?
  • How have you grown as a leader in the last year? In the last 5 years?
  • What leadership role are you most open to? And which leadership role do you most resist? Why?
  • In what ways do you plan to develop your leadership skills in the next year?
  • What do you want your legacy to be? What mark do you hope to leave in the minds and hearts of those who follow you?

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