Women Who Lead: Meet the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders – Ana-Cristina Gonzalez

Welcome to the third post in the Women Who Lead: Meet the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders series. If you missed our first two posts, check them out:
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Today’s post comes from Ana-Cristina Gonzalez, Director of Stewardship and Development at St. William Catholic Church, who shares her experience with the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders Program.

I decided to take part in the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders Program because I am a huge fan of the work that SOS does. I have benefited from a lot of the work I have done with them and was excited to be involved with this program that is designed specifically for women like me.

The SOS Gr8 Women Leaders program has provided me a safe space and great opportunity to work with and learn from other women who are leaders in their work, community, and life. This program has helped me set goals in both my professional and personal life and take the steps to achieve these goals.  It has helped me see what areas I need to improve in and how to take those steps to become a better leader.

Not only have I really enjoyed learning and growing with the amazing group of women that I am teamed up with, but I have also really appreciated the one-on-one coaching sessions that give me the individualized attention/guidance/coaching that really allows me to focus in on what I am trying to accomplish. The calls help guide me in how to use the tools that I have been given through the program and apply them to my work and personal life.

I feel that with the things I am learning, I will build a stronger community by applying these techniques to be a better communicator, build a strong team, and accomplish goals.  I will try to be the example for others to follow.

I would absolutely recommend this program to others.  It’s a great way to learn more about yourself and become a stronger leader in a safe space with other women who are experiencing the same things you are. You are challenged constantly…all in order to better yourself.

~ Ana-Cristina Gonzalez
       Director of Stewardship and Development,  St. Williams Catholic Church


Today’s post is the third in a six-week series about the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders Program. This series includes testimonials from some of the incredible women who are participating in the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders Program. Come back each Tuesday to learn more about how SOS Leadership is empowering and equipping women to make a difference! 

If you’re interested in learning more about the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders Program, check out this video and email Amber Fogarty today!

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