Women Who Lead: Meet the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders

Welcome to the second post in the Women Who Lead: Meet the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders series. If you missed our first post, click here to read it. Today’s post comes from Jennifer Pandya, Statewide Coordinator for Advise TX College Advising Corps, who shares her experience with the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders Program.

In our global society and fast paced world, where we [women] struggle daily with competing priorities and very often are working on someone else’s priorities, it can be difficult to dedicate time and energy to develop our own leadership skills, discover what our personal goals and priorities are, or even identify the steps needed to achieve those goals. The very thought of committing ourselves to this inner discovery can seem quite selfish – at least it was for me.

When anyone would ask me (including my husband) what I liked to do or what interests I have, I would very easily rattle off a myriad of things I would like “to do.” I would say things like gardening, sewing, antiquing, cooking, hiking, camping, writing, etc. If someone probed a little harder (like my wonderful husband), they would soon find out the truth. I could easily chat away about what I wanted to do; however, I never seemed to actually get around to doing any of these activities. I always had an excuse to put the brakes on projects or opportunities to dedicate myself to developing my leadership and personal skills. I always felt that I didn’t have time because of this or that. The truth of the matter was that I wasn’t making time for me and my growth.

In the spring of 2012, I said ‘YES’ to myself and accepted an invitation to the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders Program, a leadership program designed by SOS Leadership that is solely focused on women and the unique leadership roles we play within our dynamic and multi-faceted lives. This program has helped me peel back the layers of my life, conduct an inner inventory audit of the priorities that I am currently working on, and identify whose priorities they really are.

Taking the time to develop my priorities and identify how I can fit those priorities into my daily life has been transformational. This process has been eye opening, intricate, and even a bit challenging at times, but through this process I have acquired the tools I need to be engaged in the planning of my own future, not waiting for the future to happen – hoping that all those things that I wanted to do will just happen. Because of the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders Program, I have greater clarity, purpose, and commitment to how I will direct my daily life to achieve those professional and personal goals I have set for myself – do you?

I full heartedly recommend that you say YES to yourself this year and join the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders Program.

~ Jennifer Pandya
Statewide Coordinator, Advise TX College Advising Corps

Today’s post is the second in a six-week series about the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders Program. This series includes testimonials from some of the incredible women who are participating in the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders Program. Come back each Tuesday to learn more about how SOS Leadership is empowering and equipping women to make a difference! 

If you’re interested in learning more about the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders Program, check out this video and email Amber Fogarty today!

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