Money Money Money

As I write this there are thousands of people across the country waiting in line to buy Powerball tickets in the hope of winning the record-breaking 1.3 billion dollar jackpot. The subject of the lottery has many facets but let’s take a look at a few things money does and does not do.


Money DOES:

Pay off loans.

Get you material items important (car, house, etc.) and otherwise (4th and 5th cars and homes.)

Provide opportunities for leisure (travel, vacation, etc.)

Money DOESN’T:

Improve your relationships.

Give you fulfillment or success.

Provide self-satisfaction or self-worth.


It’s exciting to think about winning the lottery, but it’s also easy to find very sad stories about those who have and whose lives have fallen apart because of it.

It boils down to one thing: Money is like a magnifying glass.  Winning the lottery won’t change you. It only makes you bigger.

If you are a generous person, you can be even more generous.  If you have great relationships, you can bless those relationships in a new way. If you take good care of your finances, your finances can be extraordinarily good.

But if you are unhappy, you will become more unhappy (it’s remarkable and sad how many lottery winners develop a drug habit.) If you have poor relationships they will become worse and fracture. If you are irresponsible with money, you will simply have more to be irresponsible with.

It’s important to understand what really matters, and to keep your focus on it.

Happiness doesn’t come from money.  It comes from taking the time to know yourself, to love yourself, to lead yourself to becoming the best version of yourself possible, and to share yourself with those around you.

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