New Year, New Healthier You – January 2014 Austin Leading Ladies Recap

SOS Leadership’s Austin Leading Ladies is a movement of dynamic, driven women who meet monthly to bring their leadership to life. Each month we gather for a high impact hour that focuses on inspiring and empowering YOU to lead in a way that is uniquely yours! The format for our Power Hour events is 30 minutes of motivation and discussion, followed by 30 minutes of purposeful networking. Each month in 2014, I will post a summary of our event and the key ideas we discussed so that we can continue to engage as a powerful community of women leaders.

Last week, we hosted our first Austin Leading Ladies Power Hour of 2014, and our topic was: New Year, New Healthier You. I was thrilled to team up with Holistic Wellness Coach, Jocelyn Brown, to discuss this important topic. One of the most common goals people set for a new year is related to living a healthier lifestyle. Many of us want to be healthier, but we struggle with developing consistent habits to take care of ourselves. Our Power Hour discussion focused on practical ideas and strategies for committing to health and wellness in 2014.

One of the central themes of our discussion was determining where we are individually with our commitment to health and wellness. What goals do we have for 2014 in this area? What changes do we want to make, and WHY?

For me personally, I acknowledge that I have BIG goals for myself, and my commitment to health and wellness is essential because I need energy to be able to maintain momentum as I work toward my goals. When I’m eating well and exercising regularly, I am at my best. Ultimately, we have to know ourselves and what we need to be able to thrive.

Key Ideas:

  • We are each unique beings; there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health, wellness, and balance.
  • Feed your soul with primary food – friends and family, physical activity, spirituality, and a satisfying career or hobby.
  • Eat beautiful, vibrant, fresh, simple food.
  • Wherever you are on the spectrum of health and wellness, just take the next step.
  • The next time you plug your phone in to recharge, ask yourself, “Have I taken the time to recharge my own battery today?”
  • Believe that you deserve to look, feel, and live vibrantly!

“Those who do not make time for relaxation are obliged
sooner or later to find time for illness.” 
~ John Wanamaker

Reflection Questions:

  • What is keeping you from your optimum health? Consider why you want to be well and how important it is to you.
  • How will you make time in your life for self-care? What will you do differently? What are you willing to give up?
  • How does your own commitment to health and wellness impact your leadership?
  • What is one thing that completely restores you? (bath, reading, hot tea, a night with friends, etc.)
  • What is one shift that you can make in your life in order to make time for your health and self-care?

Join us for our next Austin Leading Ladies Power Hour on Thursday, February 20th from 6-7pm at CWS Corporate Housing.  Our topic is Surrounding Yourself with Leaders. RSVP here or email us (info -at- to request an information sheet that you can hang up at your office and/or share with the women in your network.

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