Failure is Not an Option (The Concordia MBA Part 12)

I am 15 months into the Concordia MBAprogram and if you asked me how I am feeling my answer would be, exhausted! I keep asking myself over and over again: Why did you make this decision? Why at this time when your life is already so busy?
Last week I began my second leadership class in the program. As an intro to the class all the student’s were asked to give a brief three minute presentation about themselves. Part of this presentation needed to include our Strengths Finder strengths. It has been about nine months since the last time I reviewed my report. Reading about what makes me who I am could not have come at a better time.
As I have mentioned in a previous blog my number one strength is achiever. It’s not that I forgot that I like to succeed and overcome obstacles, but it was refreshing to get a reminder of what makes me, me! As I stood up in front of the class, I talked about my journey to get to where I am today. I was surprised at how much I have grown in 15 months. The exhaustion, although overwhelming at times, is worth it me! (Learn more about this in my last blog called “Is It Worth It to Me?”
Failure is not an option in my eyes. Quitting is also not an option. I will overcome the exhaustion and I will achieve this goal. It is that important to me. When asked by the professor what am I grateful for my family came to mind. I could not do this without the support of my wife, close friends, and the help of my cohort family. I will continue on this journey and by August 2014 I will be writing about my graduation day. What a victorious day it will be! But of course I know it won’t be the end of my journey. It is just another step forward.

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