Invest in Yourself, it’s Worth it!

“Investing in yourself is the most valuable investment you will ever make. You will grow as a leader, which will in turn allow you to empower other leaders and equip them to lead at a higher level.” 
– Amber Fogarty, SOS Leadership Partner

I have to admit that I am probably like most people; I am sitting here just now realizing that one fourth of 2013 has already flown by, and I still have many of my goals left to accomplish. In December of 2012 I set a range of both professional and personal goals. As I was reviewing my top 10 goals list, I realized that I have only accomplished two of the 10 thus far. Oddly enough, the two I accomplished were my 9th and 10thranked goals.


As I went back and looked at my other eight goals I also reviewed what I wrote down as a reason for making each of these items a goal. For six of the eight goals my reasoning was simple, to become a better me. I am a young professional who is still trying to find my way, which is the most exciting part of it all. I realize how important it is to keep growing, to keep learning, and to keep investing in myself. If SOS Leadership has taught me one thing, it is that it is never to late to accomplish your goals.
I re-worked the deadlines and tweaked some of my eight goals that I have left on my list to accomplish this year. I know I will accomplish these goals because: I want to become the best version of myself, I want to be leader who makes a difference, and I want to equip other leaders to lead at a higher level. I can do all this by setting goals and accomplishing those goals. In 2013 I choose to invest in myself!

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