It’s Time to Commit

Yesterday morning I went to a networking event where the theme was New Year’s Resolutions. Whether it is eating healthy, dedicating more time to volunteering, working out more, or waking up earlier, now is the time everyone is “committed” to their resolutions. However, the emcee of the event informed us that this feeling and commitment often quickly goes away. I know firsthand that this usually is the case.  But, does it have to be?

Why not set GOALS instead of resolutions? A goal must be written and must have a target date! When people set resolutions they usually just mention them. They rarely write them down. They rarely attach target dates to them. Sure, it is great to say I am going to eat healthier this year,  wake up earlier,  or work out more, but just saying all of that does not make you accountable to anyone! If you are truly committed to changing and growing in 2014, you must set goals instead of resolutions. You must remember that the definition of commitment is “it is done!”

I wish simply saying something out loud made it happen, but we have to work to get what we want. We have to set goals, create action plans, and actually do something! As Tony Robbins said, Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” Let’s set and achieve goals this year! Let’s commit to becoming the best versions of ourselves. Let’s really make 2014 our best year ever! Are you in?

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