The Halfway Point: The Concordia MBA (Part 9)

In less than one month I will be halfway through the Concordia MBA program. In this short year I have been through a whirlwind. But through this all: leadership, growth, maturity, responsibility, time management, goals, and motivation are some realistic words that I can use to describe the change I have seen in myself over the course of the last year.

Two short years ago I was completely lost, and trying to find out what direction my life was heading in. I was unsure of what career direction I wanted to go in, had that overwhelming feeling of was it even possible to go back to school, and was unsure of everything in my life. Now I have clarity and a clear sense of direction of what I want. This program has changed my confidence level for the better. I am now getting compliments about how outspoken I am at work, and I can see the difference in myself at networking events, professional related events, and even with personal goals such as: saving to buy a house, building a college fund for my son, and the clear direction of where I want my career to go.

My goals have never been more clearly defined (and yes they are written down!), and my determination has never been at a higher level. That fear that I once had has now been molded into will power. However, it is important for me to remember the journey is only half way over. My goal will not be complete until I have earned my degree. With another year will come more opportunity to develop myself into into a better leader. Endless possibilities lie ahead, and I am starting to realize anything is possible!

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