Teamwork on Wedding Day

This last weekend I had the tremendous blessing to be able to celebrate with my sister as she joined herself to a great young man in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. My family and I arrived early in the week to spend time with the family as well as to help prepare. As the week went on I got to see some really excellent team leadership. I saw three things in particular:


  • Everyone worked together to allow each individual player to utilize their greatest strength. One great example of this came the day of the wedding. The cake wasn’t quite done and so the whole family took care of everything else so my mom and her helper could focus exclusively on the cake. As such the cake got done just in time. At another time shortly after the entire extended family had arrived at the house we had rented things were rather messy. One of my brothers who is good at organization was put in charge of getting some people and getting the house clean by a certain time. Everyone else went about their tasks and left him to it. He divvied up tasks and the house got cleaned. It takes trust to assign a task and walk away but when you can do that you can allow your team to really step it up.


  • Communication is essential to overcoming obstacles. After the rehearsal dinner the maid of honor realized that she had lost her keys. They were not found until the day after the wedding but by communicating often and with everyone regarding where everyone needed to be and how to use the available vehicles there were no issues getting everyone where they needed to be. Conversely when someone took a vehicle without letting anyone else know it resulted in a frantic scramble to figure out how everyone was going to get to their destination on time.


  • The last one is the best in my mind. A leader doesn’t need to know everything or have all the answers. As my sister and her husband had a great wedding day and capped it off with a lovely reception it occurred to me that in so many ways they have no idea what they’re getting into. There will be obstacles and blessings that they won’t see coming. There will be challenges that they must grow in unexpected ways to meet. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t lead one another in an amazing “team of two” relationship. The fact that they don’t know everything that’s coming doesn’t mean they aren’t ready. They have trust in one another and they have a great support system. With those, it doesn’t matter what comes up they can overcome it. Regardless of the situation for a leader, with a great team anything can be overcome.

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