Seeds of Success: A Journey from Success to Significance

By: Bill and Billy Moyer

Seeds of Success: A Journey from Success to Significance is a story about a college student in his last semester who embarks on a journey to find the keys to success.

The student is struggling in his life, unsure about what he wants to do or who he wants to be. He is given a final assignment that will forever change his attitude. He learns, from some important people of his past and present, that the true key to success is to focus on what matters most in your life.The assignment serves as an “ah ha” moment for the student!

This book can be your “ah ha” moment! It serves as a wake up call for men and women of all ages and occupations by helping them balance their lives and realize what matters most. Seeds of Success asks you to answer one important question: Will you choose success or SIGNIFICANCE?

The Seeds of Success include:

  • Follow your dreams.
  • Becoming requires overcoming.
  • Don’t be afraid of change.
  • If you do what you’ve always done, you will be who you’ve always been.
  • Leadership is influence. Set a good example.
  • Forgiveness will change your life and the lives of others as well.
  • Show gratitude.
  • Plant Seeds of Success in others.

“It’s true we talk a lot about success: becoming successful … being successful … living successfully, but as Bill points out, it’s not so important that we are successful in our lives, but that we have significance in our lives. ‘I learned the difference between success and significance … and I choose significance,’ he says.”

“Bill urges us to ‘plant the seeds … to live a life of significance by figuring out what matters most. You really do ‘Reap what you sow,’ he says. I couldn’t agree more…”

“It may be true that the ‘apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,’ but in the case of Bill, and his son, Billy, I think it’s more accurate to say the ‘seeds of success were planted in the right field and at the right time.” – the late Paul J. Meyer – New York Times best-selling author and Founder of Success Motivation International, Inc., and 40+ other companies

“In Seeds of Success, Bill & Billy Moyer are able to create a deeper, richer meaning for the word success. They do this eloquently by using true, inspirational stories to hammer home their points. This breezy, uplifting book will cause Christian men and women of all ages to take a look in the mirror, and redefine what matters most!” – Patrick Morley – Author of fifteen books, including The Man in the Mirror, Founder and CEO, Man in the Mirror, a non-profit organization that helps men find meaning and purpose in life

“Today men need to be exposed to books that ‘tell it like it is’ from a personal perspective. The Moyer’s have nailed it! They have shared their lives, as father and son, with us on a personal basis with much transparency. This is a must read for fathers and sons.”Danny Abramowicz – Former All-Pro Wide Receiver of the New Orleans Saints and author of the book Spiritual Workout of a Former Saint

“Seeds of Success is full of wisdom and insight. I was blessed by reading Bill and Billy Moyer’s story of a young man who discovered the difference between living a life that seeks success and one that seeks significance. Everyone would be wise to read this book and reflect on it. It’s also an excellent book for small groups to study and discuss.”
Michael Lee Stallard – Co-Founder and President of E Pluribus Partners and primary author of Fired Up or Burned Out

“As a Catholic man searching for more meaning in my life, the Moyer’s book really touched me. Finally a book that I can match up with my Catholic values that teaches me about success. But more importantly it teaches about being significant in the lives of others, especially your wife and children. Having met both Bill and Billy, and having seen them speak, I can truly say that these men live what they teach. I would recommend this book for any Catholic man, or any man for that matter, who is searching for more than success – who is searching for significance. These two men will teach you this through this book as well as through their speaking and training. I will be buying this book for every man in my life.”Rich Vosler – Rich Vosler Coaching & Inspiration Certified Coach