Seeds of Success: Developing the Heart and Soul of the Christian Leader

Seeds of Success Christian Version focuses on: Answering God’s Call to Leadership, Developing a “What Matters Most” Focus, Goal Setting for Significance, Communicating the Message, and Building a Team.

Seeds of Success is now available in a self-study format. With this program you can go through it on your own, with a coach, or with a group of other leaders. Seeds of Success is one of the many SOS Programs that can be licensed for use by coaches, trainers, and consultants through the SOS Coaching Network. Companies and nonprofit organizations can also purchase a license to utilize Seeds of Success as an internal leadership development program.

Seeds of Success is an all encompassing leadership program that will help you develop the skills, habits, and attitudes needed to become an effective leader. The program contains five modules:

• Answering the Call to Leadership
• Developing a “What Matters Most” Focus
• Goal Setting for Significance
• Communicating the Message
• Building a Team

This program is ideal for anyone who wants to develop their leadership potential. Whether you are the CEO of a large corporation or just starting your career, you can improve your skills and develop the habits of a transformational leader.
In this program, you will learn how to develop and improve the characteristics needed to become a leader that makes a difference. You will also learn how to better utilize these characteristics, identify your most important goals, determine what your priorities are, become a better team member, and communicate more effectively.

Seeds of Success will encourage you to think deeply about your life and how you define success. It will help you to discover what matters most in your life.

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