Protecting Professional Time

Protecting Professional Time focuses on: Improving Time Habits, Defeating Time Thieves, Making Time Work for You, Making Your Team more Productive, and Eliminate/Deligate/Simplify.

Protecting Time® is the preeminent resource for staff and executive productivity enhancement. Our programs are the result of decades of experience in training and executive development. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of high-value professionals create additional time.

Protecting Time programs help high-value professionals find additional time through enhanced staff productivity. The unique process also improves staff communication and aids in coalescing the team.

Each Protecting Time program contains four learning segments. Content for each segment is communicated via audio and text files that are delivered weekly in a facilitated workshop or individual coaching session.

  • Segment One: Working Smarter makes the point that increasing productivity doesn’t necessarily mean that your staff has to work harder. Team members learn about the “knock-on” effect that steals professional productivity each day.
  • Segment Two: Managing Time is where the rubber meets the road. Participants learn the four key strategies for maximizing professional time.
  • Segment Three: Communication that Works focuses on successful interaction in your office environment. Improved communication and clarity results in increased time savings.
  • Segment Four: Developing Your Team helps your staff understand team dynamics and the critical importance of job expectations and emotional maturity.

Customized versions of the Protecting Time program include: Protecting Your Manager’s Time, Protecting Your Executive’s Time, Protecting Your Lawyer’s Time, Protecting Your Physician’s Time, Protecting Your Chiropractor’s Time, and Protecting Your Dentist’s Time.

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