Protecting Goals: The Science of Team Achievement

The Science of Team Achievement focuses on: Where is Your Team, Where Will You Go, Who are the Yeabuts, Focusing on Strengths, Creating a Top 10 List, Challenging Questions, Assessing the Cost, Is It Worth It, Creating an Achievement Plan, Four Cardinal Rules of Time Management, Measuring Commitment, and Managing Your Environment.

Without clearly defined goals, working as a member of a team can be frustrating, disheartening, and even downright miserable.

Protecting Goals: The Science of Team Achievement helps teams to work together to determine their goals and develop plans to achieve them. This highly effective program leads teams through a process of establishing clear goals with step-by-step achievement plans. Along the way, your team will assess the time, effort, energy, and other resources required to achieve each goal, as well as strategies to deal with all roadblocks and obstacles that may present themselves.

Your team will collaborate to develop each goal and achievement plan, which will build cohesion and improve morale. When your team completes this program, you will have powerful achievement plans for each of your shared goals, including clear timelines and a collective understanding of why the achievement of each goal is important to the team’s success.

After finishing the Protecting Goals Team Achievement program, there will be no limit to what your team can achieve!