My Leadership Journey (The Concordia MBA – Part 15)

Since I joined Shane Montoya in this blog series, I have been anticipating my graduation from the Concordia MBA program. Well, it’s finally April of 2014 and I will have my last class as an MBA student this week! I will graduate in just over a week! It’s crazy to think that I have been at this for two years. I feel like my time in the Concordia MBA has flown by, which speaks to the quality of the program and the institution.

In my final Leadership Seminar course, Don Christian, Ph.D, Dean of the College of Business at Concordia, brought in guest speakers who shared their knowledge and experience with us. Of the many great speakers we heard from, I often revisit my notes from Andy Neillie, Owner of AquaTots. I especially enjoyed when he discussed that as soon-to-be graduates we must be good stewards of our MBAs.

By holding a graduate degree, there is a trust that you have been given and it must be used responsibly. As Neillie put it “you’ve got the smarts that others don’t.” According to the US Census Bureau, only 10.4 percent of Americans hold a graduate degree. As an MBA, I will be a good steward of this awesome leadership responsibility I have been given.

Our final assignment in the Leadership class was a personal development plan. This is something I have also learned quite a bit about from SOS Leadership. In this assignment, we were to map out how we would continue our leadership journey. In my plan, I wrote about ways I will be a steward of my MBA. This involves increasing my community involvement (now that I have the time!), books I will read (for fun not for a grade!), programs I will attend, and future experiences I want to have. All of this will further my own personal and professional growth.

My journey through the Concordia MBA program has now come to an end, but my leadership journey has just begun. This journey will never end. I will live it out every day by being a good steward of all I have learned and will learn in the future. I know that if you don’t grow, you go! I will never stop growing. I will move forward, take the next step on my journey, and make a difference as a leader!

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