The Tripping Point in Leadership

I recently read The Tripping Point in Leadership – Overcoming Organizational Apathy by David Byrd, a book that is all about overcoming apathy. David defines apathy as a natural, human instinct common to us all that consistently encourages us to seek a comfort zone in which nothing ever changes.

This definition of apathy goes great with SOS Co-Founder, Bill Moyer’s message. As stated in a previous blog, Bill has presented a certain fact many times, “If you don’t grow, you go!” SOS Leadership’s main goal is to help companies and individuals break out of their comfort zone and tap into their untapped potential. When meeting with potential clients SOS always asks, “What would just a 10% increase in productivity mean to your organization? How about a 10% increase in your untapped potential or your sales?” I encourage you to ask yourself these same questions when you are faced with a decision.

Although it is easy to revert back to the comfort zone, there is a reason it is called the comfort zone. It does not make us challenge ourselves, which in turn doesn’t allow us to grow. Before working with SOS Leadership I went through their Protecting Goals programs. I learned one thing that I needed to do was clearly define my goals. I made a list of my top ten goals and realized in order to accomplish every one of them I had to break out of my comfort zone. Most of them involved some sort of investment, mainly financial, and even though the costs scared me away, if I wanted to accomplish those goals I needed to invest in them and myself.

My main question to you is, are you willing to invest in yourself? Are you apathetic? Do you continually go to your comfort zone? If so, why? Remember as Bill states, “If you don’t grow, you go!” I encourage you to strive for greatness and not let your comfort zone hold you back. As SOS has stated many times this year, let 2012 be your best year ever! Don’t let apathy keep you from reaching out and reaching your goals.

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