90210 and Leadership

Today’s date is September 2nd, 2010, which consequently is 90210! This got me thinking of the show Beverly Hills 90210, which I will admit was one of my favorite shows at one time. I still catch reruns on SoapNet.

Now, I know what you must be thinking. What could 90210 have to do with leadership? As I think back on the 10 seasons of 90210, one episode always stands out to me as a great example of the positive impact that an effective leader can have on other people and situations.

Donna Martin was the typical sweet, wholesome, nice girl who made the mistake of having a few drinks before Senior Prom. She then gets sick and has to be taken home. The problem here was that the School Board announced they would be cracking down on anyone who was drunk at Prom. Because of her actions Donna would not be able to graduate or participate in any senior activities. She made a mistake, but an unfair example was being made of her.

This did not sit well with her friends and one of them stepped up to fight what was happening to Donna. Brandon Walsh was always the good guy on the show. He usually did the right thing, but until this point he really was not the leader he could be. He rallied his friends and the entire class and got them to all leave their final exams and march to where the school board was meeting to discuss Donna’s appeal. In the end Donna was able to graduate with her friends.

Brandon, like all of us, was always a leader. But it took something happening to his friend to get him to step out of the crowd and use his gifts to create positive change. Leadership is about stepping up! Brandon was successful the moment he decided to LEAD! We are successful at that point as well! Being a leader takes courage and Brandon had that courage! We all must have the courage to lead because our world needs effective leaders!

I challenge you all to stand up and lead today on 90210! As much as I like the show, I don’t encourage you to watch it. I encourage you to turn off the television and go make a difference in someone’s life!

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