Are You the Lid?

I have seen a lot of organizations fail because of poor leadership. I truly believe that this is the main reason any company fails. The blame tends to fall elsewhere, but if your organization is failing you may want to look in the mirror to find the person responsible. Often I believe leaders forget that their own personal growth determines the growth of their followers. John Maxwell calls this the law of the lid.

No organization, no group of people can outgrow the leader. If the CEO of an organization is not committed to his or her own growth then the organization will eventually fail. The rest of the people cannot grow past the leader. These leaders in organizations who have stopped growing often blame their people for poor results. These leaders may pick apart every little thing someone does. They become the ultimate micro-managers.

Don’t become this type of leader. Don’t be the lid for your organization or for any group of people you lead. Commit to your own personal development. Never stop learning and growing. Because as we say in our soon to be released book (The Turnaround Feb 2014), “If You Don’t Grow, You GO!”

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