Becoming a Coach (Part One)

In our country people are always looking for what’s next in their lives. People want to live out their life purpose, but unfortunately sometimes they do not even know what that is. A coach can help people discover their purpose and become the best version of themselves. I could go on and on about why you should invest in a coach, but what I want to focus on in this blog series is how and why to become a coach.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the area of consultancy and human development is expected to grow heavily through 2016. The International Coach Federation (ICF) estimates that worldwide revenue produced by coaching is $1.5 billion (USD) per year. According to a MarketData Report in 2007, it is estimated that 40,000 people in the U.S. work as business or life coaches, and the business coaching market is growing at about 18 percent per year.Business coaching was also reported to be one of the fastest growing professions in the world, following information technology, by the National Post.

Those numbers show that the coaching industry is booming. People are realizing that they can not only make a very nice income as a coach, but they can also choose their own hours, choose who they work with, and positively impact a person’s life. At SOS Leadership, that is what we enjoy most. We want to develop leaders that make a difference. This starts with developing coaches that want to make a difference!

Who can become a coach? Many people have the ability to become a coach because they are probably already coaching people in their lives. Maybe you are a part of an accountability group or maybe you spend a lot of time talking to your friends about their goals. Maybe your significant other gets annoyed with you because you are constantly asking questions starting with why and how? Okay, maybe that is just me.

The point is that coaching is a great industry to get into right now. People are getting laid off and deciding to become coaches. Some are retiring and starting coaching businesses because they do not want to do nothing, but they also do not want to have a full-time career. Young people like me are getting into coaching. Generation Y coaches are popping up all over the place. Stay at home moms become coaches. Talk about being qualified to be a coach. Can you imagine your mom as your coach? I would always accomplish what I set out to, mostly due to fear.

If you are wondering if you have what it takes to be a coach and how to go about starting a coaching business, than be sure and come back and read the next installment in this series where I will go in to the different types of coaches.

Billy Moyer is the co-founder of SOS Leadership Institute, a company committed to developing leaders that make a difference. He also co-founded the SOS Coaching Network that helps coaches build successful businesses by offering customized content, coaching, and other tools. Essentially, Billy is a Coach to Coaches.

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