Born to be Great!

Earlier this week it was the 39th anniversary of Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run album. That album is one of the greatest of all time. At 64 years old “The Boss” is still at it. He continues to release new music and to tour with the legendary E Street Band. I saw Bruce live twice this year and have seen him 10 times total and he is always on his game.

Do you ever wonder what drives people? Someone like Bruce Springsteen who has accomplished so much in his music career, but who is still going strong. My most recent blog posts have focused on PR, or Personal Responsibility. I believe drive is one of the keys to PR success. Drive really is a dogged determination to achieve your goals. I think its impossible to master PR without that kind of determination.

Bruce Springsteen said years ago that: “More than rich, more than famous, more than happy… I wanted to be great.” He was not and is not driven by money or fame or even happiness. He is driven by the fact that he wants to be great. PR is about constantly working towards becoming great. It is about becoming the best version of yourself. Nearly 40 years after the release of his most popular album, Bruce Springsteen is still working to become great. We could all learn a lot from him.

How are you working towards greatness? If you think you are already there, I assure you that you have a long way to go. You see greatness is something to strive for, but it is something that we never fully achieve. Once you believe you have become the best version of yourself well that is when you have become the worst version.

Our biggest responsibility as leaders is to first work on ourselves. We must work to become great. That means we must become life long learners. We must learn something new everyday. We must commit to our own personal growth. If we do this, then we can help others become great. The most effective leaders build up other leaders, they help others become great. But that is impossible if we are not first focused on our own growth.

Bruce Springsteen wanted to be great. That drive put him on top of the Rock and Roll world. It also has helped build up many other great musicians. The E Street Band is legendary because Bruce Springsteen wanted to be great and he influenced the band members and raised them up. That is a leader who understands PR. That is about as close to great as you can get. Thirty-nine years ago, Bruce was Born to Run. And today, I hope you will know that you were Born to be Great! Go for it!

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