How have your priorities changed?

I realized recently that my priorities have changed quite a bit. How I spend my time has changed as I have gotten older. The things I care about have changed over the past year, four years (since I got married), seven years (since I started SOS Leadership), and so on. Here are some examples of things changing:

  • I only watched two full games in the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. I watched one of the semi-final games and the final. I used to consider the first couple days in the tournament holidays. I would watch as many games as possible. This year I almost forgot it was starting.
  • I did not fill out a bracket for March Madness for the first time in at least 20 years. I never got around to filling one out and guess what? It didn’t kill me.
  • I used to play fantasy baseball and I loved it. Now I cannot find the time. It is not that I have less time, I just care less about this now.
  • I no longer have cable TV in my home. I never thought I could go without it, but it hasn’t bothered me.
  • This week one of my long time friends got engaged. I am excited for him, but I have yet to meet his now fiancée. I have not seen this good friend in a year. We are still close, but wow do things change?
  • I now spend what little free time I have with the people closest to me, but even that has changed. I have been married for almost four years and my wife is my number one priority. Our relationship with our parents is also a top priority for us. Work is very important to me because as I have mentioned before, I really love what I do.

As we grow and change as people, leaders, spouses, family members, and friends, so do our priorities. This can be difficult because as things change sometimes people get left behind. Some people do not understand change. They want things to always remain the same. They want you to be the same person you used to be. Maybe they even resent the fact that you are different. Staying the same is not possible. Things will change. We will change because we will always grow. As leaders we must be open to growth and change in our lives and in others. It is not just about us.

How have your priorities changed? What matters most to you right now? What relationship has changed that perhaps you would like to work to make better? Remember that life is change. Don’t let change happen without you.

And finally I leave you with this: “I am not where I want to be. I am not where I am going to be. But thank God I am not where I was.”

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