Leaders with strong character make a difference

Success has been defined by Paul J. Meyer as: “The progressive realization of worthwhile, predetermined, personal goals.” To fully understand this powerful statement can be a life changing experience. It means that you become successful the moment you define your life goals and begin the journey towards their attainment. 

Success really is easy! If this is true, why aren’t more people successful? It’s because the very things that are easy to do are also easy not to do. It’s easy to set your alarm every morning to get up one hour earlier. But isn’t it also easy to hit the snooze button three times and go back to sleep? It’s easy to sit down and write out your goals for your life. It’s also easy to watch your favorite television show and wait until tomorrow to set your goals.

I believe that the cause of many of these failures is character. It’s making commitments and keeping them! It’s an honest day’s work for a day’s pay. It’s obeying the law and following the rules. Its patience and tolerance and an ability to forgive others. Character is making tough decisions and then making them work. A person with character loves unconditionally and stands tall in the face of adversity. People of character know the right things to say to encourage others. They choose their thoughts, take time to listen, and take time to learn and grow. They invest in themselves every day and spend that investment on others.

What can you do to become a person with character? Spend time in quiet reflection focusing on your strengths and your weaknesses. Develop a plan to maximum your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. List the things in your life that you are not proud of and make the necessary changes. Have the courage to start today to be a person of character. Do one thing each day to become the person you would like to become. Remember you become successful the moment you start!

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