Overcoming the "Yeabuts"

Every so often I run into someone with a negative attitude. Sometimes they have a negative attitude towards life in general or just one towards setting goals or striving to be better. “Why set a goal” they might say, “when you will probably just fail?” Great attitude, huh?

Do you ever wonder where that negativity comes from? I often wonder because hearing negativity bothers me so much. Where does it come from? The answer is simple. Negativity is passed down. People become like their leader. If your parents were negative, chances are you are as well.

Were any of your parents Yeabuts? Maybe you would talk about something you wanted to do and they would respond with, “yea but your grades aren’t good enough to get in there.” Or “yea but people from our family can’t do that.” We all have Yeabuts in our lives. Maybe it’s our friends or colleagues or someone else that has influence over us. My advice is to rid your life of the Yeabuts!

Sometimes though, when the Yeabuts are family, we are stuck with them. In that case, develop a “yea but I CAN” attitude. This will be difficult, but you CAN overcome the Yeabuts! Don’t let what other people say, think, or do get in your way!

Don’t just overcome the Yeabuts in your life though. Don’t become one yourself. We are often our own biggest Yeabuts. This happens when we are told we can’t do something enough by people we look up to. You can overcome this with positive affirmation. Remember how awesome you are! You CAN do anything! We all know how challenging it is when people stomp on our dreams with a Yeabut or with some other form of negativity. Don’t make someone else feel that way. Be supportive. It is okay to provide caution, but do it in a positive way.

As leaders, we are called to build people up, not tear them down! No matter what leadership role you have, always build people up! This goes for CEOs, husbands and wives, parents, or any other leadership role you might have. Leadership is an AWESOME responsibility! Don’t blow it by being a Yeabut. And don’t let a Yeabut get in your way! Success is just a “YES I CAN” away! Go for it!

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