Remembering a true leader who made a difference: Paul J. Meyer

Paul J. Meyer, New York
Times Best Selling Author.

Last Friday, I attended a leadership breakfast in Belton, Texas that was put on by the Central Texas Christian School. At the breakfast, The Paul J. Meyer Memorial Central Texas Christian Leadership Award was given to former Baylor head football coach and current executive director of the American Football Coaches Association, Grant Teaff. There to present the award was Jane Meyer (Paul J. Meyer’s widow).

Seeing this got me to think back to last year around this time, when Paul J. Meyer was given the same award. At that time it was simply called, The Central Texas Christian Leadership Award. Paul was unable to accept the award because four days earlier, he lost his battle with cancer and died on October 26th, 2009 at the age of 81. At the leadership breakfast last year, which was held on the same day as Paul’s funeral, Bill Moyer (my dad) accepted Paul’s award on his behalf. This was appropriate because Paul was his mentor and friend.

Growing up, I was unbelievably lucky. I had a great family and I also had a dad who worked in the leadership development business. Because of this, I was able to develop my leadership skills at a young age. I learned how to set goals at the age of six. I was learning about living up to my potential and developing a winning attitude all throughout my younger years. This wasn’t just because my dad was in the leadership development business. It was because he worked for and closely with, the pioneer of the industry. He worked with Paul. J. Meyer.

Paul J. Meyer founded Success Motivation Institute in 1960 and paved the way for people like Zig Ziglar, Ken Blanchard, Steven Covey, and John Maxwell. He also paved the way for my dad, who thankfully passed on everything he learned from Paul to me. I do what I do because of my dad. He does what he does because of Paul. Thank God for Paul J. Meyer!

Over the next few weeks, I will pay tribute to the great Paul J. Meyer by writing numerous blogs about him. I will talk about things I learned from him directly and things I learned from my dad through him. I will write about the positive impact that he made on me and my family. If you do not know about Paul J. Meyer, I encourage you to check out this blog over the next couple weeks. You will learn plenty! I also encourage you to read one of his many books! They will truly touch your life!

Today, and every day, I remember Paul J. Meyer. A pioneer. A giant among giants. The greatest sales person I have ever met. An entrepreneur. An author. A philanthropist. A mentor. A father, grandfather, and great grandfather. A husband. A Godly man. A leader who made a difference on everything and everyone he touched. A legend that will live on forever!

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  1. I join you in celebrating Paul’s life and the influence he has had on so many, me included. When he wrote the foreword for my book in 2008 I cried! To have praise from such a great man overwhelmed me. Such was his dedication to helping everyone around him.
    Nigel J Wall

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