Renting Success

I attended a National Speakers Association conference in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend and have come back extremely motivated. The conference was just what I needed. I learned something new in each session I attended and a few of those things could be considered AHA moments. But the last session proved that I had yet to have my AHA.

The last session featured a panel of Million Dollar Speakers. One of them said something that hit me really hard. Rory Vaden said: “Success is never owned, it is rented and the rent is due each day.” I have heard similar things before and have even said similar things. In the book that I co-wrote, Seeds of Success, we write that “success is not a destination, it is a journey.” Although that is similar, the wording that Rory used was just what I needed to hear.

I am young and could be considered successful by some, but I am nowhere near where I want to be in my life. I have lofty goals, and I plan on being successful. But am I willing to do the thing that no else wants to do? Am I just renting success on some days and forgetting to pay the bill on others? This is something I will continue to ponder in the coming weeks, and I think it would benefit everyone to do the same.

Here are some things I plan on doing more of to insure that my rent payment is never overdue:

  • Read something new everyday
  • Write everyday
  • Become a master of telling my story
  • Cut down on my time-wasters
  • Determine what my ideal day looks like and work toward making it a reality
  • Tell people how much I appreciate them
  • Clearly define my goals for the next month, three months, six months, and year
  • Go for it!
I am committing to these things! Please join me because “we cannot own success, it is rented and the rent is due everyday.” But if we all pay the rent, we can own success together! Now that would be awesome!

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