Q2 is Here

The calendar has officially moved into April. Isn’t it hard to believe? Wasn’t it just the first day, week, and month of the “new” year?

This year started off great didn’t it? You wrote down goals for the year and you immediately started taking action on those goals. It was going to be your best year ever in 2015. You were going to get healthy, improve relationships, become a better employee, double your business, and so on. You had the best of intentions for 2015, didn’t you? You actually had a plan! But of course, “the best laid plans…”

How are you doing on your plan as now the second quarter has started? Does your plan still exist? Are you still taking action? What has changed? Was the first quarter of 2015 everything you wanted it to be? If your year has not gone according to plan thus far, remember that it is still early. No one is out of it after only a quarter. We still have three more to go! It is still the first half.

The most important thing you need to think about in this second quarter is WHY? Why are you not where you want to be? Why have things gone wrong? Why are you behind on your goals? Why have you given up? Or why have things gone right? Why are you where you want to be? Why is it not enough?

This year is far from over. It has only just begun. Stop making excuses. Start moving forward. You can no longer look back to last year. It is Q2 of 2015 and now is the time to get going. Remember what the late Paul J. Meyer said: Develop a dogged determination to follow through on your plan, regardless of obstacles, criticism, or circumstances … or what other people say, think, or do.” 

The best laid plans will not go awry if you simply get out of your own way.

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