Success is for everyone!

A speech I gave in 1999 at a national conference.

I have been around the leadership development industry my whole life and have learned from some brilliant minds. I began speaking professionally when I was seven years old. At that time I would speak to groups about self image and the importance of believing in yourself. I would also speak about the magic of teamwork. At times I would even talk about success.

Recently, I came across a speech I gave at a national conference attended by some of the top personal development minds in the country. I gave this speech (see picture) at the age of 13 just before the year 2000. For this blog, I thought I would simply let you read the thinking of a 13 year old boy who really didn’t know any better. I hope you believe in the words below as much as I did then and still do now.

Success, it could happen to you!
What is the definition for success? It’s not the richest people in the world or what happens when you meet the criteria. The definition is simply a result or an outcome. That basically means anyone can be successful. It’s up to you. 
Now of course you need to look at the wheel of life and see what comes first in your life. How does your wheel roll? If you haven’t experienced success in your life, this could be your year. What better year to be successful than 2000. This could be your best year ever. Why can this be my best year ever? Because life is about goals and choices and I Choose Success! What is your choice? Do you choose success?
I challenge you to make this your year and become successful. Anybody can do it. For all of you I would like to leave you with this thought: Remember you can have anything you want in your life, or be anyone you want in your life, if you focus on your goals, follow through on your plan, believe in yourself, and don’t let other people or past circumstances hold you back.
If you’re holding in things that are holding you back, let it out! Words can be the worst form of hatred of all. If you are thinking, I’ll never be successful then you know what? You won’t. If you do not believe in yourself than no one else will believe in you either. Believing in yourself is half the battle, the other half is following through  on your goals and always being yourself.
If you became successful because you were a different person then “you” are not really successful at all. At that point you have to face the facts and tell the truth. That will make you more successful just by letting the lies run free. 
I don’t know what your goals are this year, but mine are to spend more time with my family, with God, and lastly on work. I love to work, but that is just how my wheel rolls. There are no detours, no stopping me. That makes me not only successful, but the luckiest man in the world. The past does not equal the future. Today is the starting point for the rest of your lives. The best is yet to come and success can happen to you!

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