Team of Two

Earlier this year I wrote a book (along with Bill Moyer) that focused on organizational culture. The creation of a Development Culture can turn around the results of any organization because you are investing the growth of people and there is no investment that guarantees a greater return.

One of the most important aspects of a Development Culture is what I call Team of Two. This is simply where two leaders that have different strengths team up to achieve greater success. One person can only do so much. In life and in business we need other people.

A couple weeks back, I was able to see the benefits of the Team of Two concept when my wife Ashley and I teamed up to emcee the Hispanic Scholarship Consortium 10th Anniversary Gala. Together, Ashley and I really made the event a memorable one for attendees. We got so many compliments from people after the event. My speaking background and ability to ad-lib makes me a natural emcee and Ashley’s friendly personality and great laugh allows people to really connect with her, even though emceeing was not as natural for her (according to her).

Ashley and I fill in each other’s gaps, which is what the Team of Two concept is all about. Attendees at the gala were able to see this firsthand, but I see it every day. She is laid back and I am serious. She is more go with the flow and I am more planned. She is far better at interacting with people and I am better at directing people. In the DiSC language (behavioral assessment) Ashley is an I S and I am a D C. We could not be more opposite. Together though, we represent every letter of the language. I need Ashley because she gets me to lighten up a bit and not always be so serious. She needs me to help her tighten up and pay more attention to details.

There is an old saying that opposites attract, and that is debatable. What is not debatable is that opposite styles complete each other. A Team of Two is about completing each other. In an organization, a Team of Two creates a multiplier. With a Team of Two 1+1 no longer equals 2, it equals 3.

My most important Team of Two is with Ashley and it has changed my life for the better. Ashley and I can do anything when we work together. I just wish I could afford to hire her! I have other Teams of Two in my life and at work that make me more effective. What Teams of Two do you have in your life? How about at work? Who is someone that fills in your gaps?

We all need other people to make a real difference. We need the help of others to get the best possible results. I am so lucky that my number one Team of Two is with the person I get to spend my life with.

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