To Lead is to Serve: A look at Austin Involved

One of the best parts of my business is that I get to talk about something I love all the time. I love leadership! When I talk about leadership, more often than not I talk about serving others. The old saying, “to lead is to serve” really defines my leadership philosophy.

As a young professional I am always looking for ways I can live out my purpose, which is to be a servant leader. I am constantly striving to become this, but I know I have a long way to go. Recently, I have been introduced to a new service model that has had a tremendous impact on me and on the Austin community.

This past summer I met Courtney Clark, who is the founder and executive director of an Austin non-profit called Austin Involved. I was immediately drawn to her energy. I started to learn more about her organization and was very much impressed. I could tell by her passion that she was a leader who was striving to make a difference. I started to run into Courtney everywhere. She seems to be everywhere in Austin. I decided that I would join Austin Involved mainly because of her leadership and my desire to grow as a servant leader.

Austin Involved gives its members the opportunity every month to learn about local nonprofits, vote on their choice of inspiring organizations, and give a donation of a small amount of time and money to that organization.  Each month, members contribute $25, and then vote on what charities they’d like to win their time and money.  Members follow their money and see where it goes by giving of their time to a service project at the chosen nonprofit. Austin Involved is educating the future patrons, volunteers and philanthropists of Austin.

As an Austin Involved member, I will tell you that the experience has been great so far. I have had the opportunity to volunteer for an organization that works with kids. There I worked directly with children as a part of their after-school program. I also worked with an organization that helps small businesses get funding, as well as people buy homes at lower costs. With this non-profit, we helped them brainstorm ideas for some future events. We helped them grow!

I began this blog by talking about my philosophy of leadership, which is servant leadership. Austin Involved, unlike any other organization I have seen, gives its members the chance to lead by serving! What an amazing opportunity! I challenge everyone to step up and learn more about this organization. You will undoubtedly be impressed! Please join us and help make a difference!

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