Your Culture is Under Construction

Living in downtown Austin, I know a little something about construction projects. The other day I counted nine cranes in the Austin skyline due to all of the many construction projects in progress. Seeing all of these construction projects going on got me thinking again about one of our favorite subjects at SOS Leadership, Culture.

The biggest construction project organizations should have is their culture! An organizations culture is always under construction. It would be a mistake to think otherwise. You have never fully gotten it right. Once you think you have and stop investing in growth, you will begin to slip. The enemy of growing is knowing! Once you believe that you know it all, you actually know nothing.

What would happen if leaders were interested more in changing the feel of their organization, the culture rather than the how things look to those outside the company? Productivity would increase. Employee satisfaction would increase. Results would improve. The organization would grow and perhaps even thrive rather than just survive! And by changing the feel and investing in the people, they would end up also changing the look.

If you are a leader of an organization, I encourage you to remember that your culture is under construction and it always will be. Which way will it go? Will you work toward a positive organizational culture or a negative one?

I hope you will choose a positive culture. I hope you will invest in the only area of your organization that is guaranteed to give you a positive return, your people. And remember, “If you don’t grow, you go”

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