Climbing Everest

Life is rarely (if ever) short of challenges. We face them at work and at home, even the social scenes we frequent are often fraught with challenges to face. Some challenges are mental, a difficult problem to solve or decision to make. Some are emotional, such as figuring out how to deal with a difficult co-worker or boss, or trying to be a present spouse or parent in the midst of everything else. Sometimes it can feel like we are trying to climb Mt. Everest.

Mt. Everest’s summit is just over 29,000 ft above sea level. It was first summited in 1953, and since then approximately 4,800 people have reached the summit. However, there have been about 280 deaths while trying to summit Mt. Everest as well. It is with good reason that climbing Everest is used as a metaphor for any exceptionally difficult task.

Of those 4,800 people only one has summited Everest alone, and it was not his first summit. That should tell us something about the power and necessity of teamwork. Teams enable us to be better than we could be alone, even if after a time we can reach that point on our own. Teams round us out and push us to excel while complementing our strengths with other skills and traits. It is only with a team that we can reach the greatest heights.

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