3 Tips for Living Your Dreams and Overcoming Adversity

Christine Pegg is a graduate of St. Edward’s University 09′ . While pursuing her Master’s degree in Public Relations from the University of Houston, Christine underwent life changing emergency brain stem surgery in February 2012. She began her blog, xtinedanielle.com, as a recovery tool and support system exemplifying the healing power of social media. Christine now works as a blogger and social media strategist in Houston, Texas.

Never think twice about investing in yourself. 

Whether you’re thinking about grad school or you’ve always wanted to start your own blog or small business, make your dreams a reality. The saying about doing what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life is so true! Don’t be afraid to take the next step to whatever it is that you want to accomplish.

I was lucky enough to go to graduate school and pursue further education in public relations. It was an excellent growing experience, and I’m glad I did it.

I also have started my own blog which has always been a dream of mine and I love what I do. Working in social media and digital public relations is the goal and dream I’ve had for a very long time, if I never invested the time, energy, and financial backing to accomplish these dreams, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

It’s true that hardships will only make you stronger. We all have within us the power to overcome.

Life can tend to throw us some unexpected curveballs every once in a while. A part of being a leader is your resilience. We all have hard times and we work hard to achieve our triumphs and victories. Don’t get discouraged when things go awry. Stay focused on your goals.

In my case, I had emergency brain stem surgery. It really did knock me off my feet. It was important for me to dedicate the appropriate time to heal and let myself recover properly. 

Be sure to give yourself a break if you’re overworked or overwhelmed. If possible, take a trip, skip town for a few days, and just focus on relaxing. You’ll come back refreshed, recharged, and ready to go. You may even have a new view on the project you’re working on.

Be thankful.

In the business and professional world, many of us seem to always be striving for more and more and more. I agree that aspiring to greater things and constantly growing is a wonderful thing but be proud of everything that you have accomplished so far. Be confident in yourself, your abilities, and what you have to offer. Your gratitude and confidence shines through and it’s a great, positive state of mind to be in, conducive to moving forward in life.

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  1. “Your gratitude and confidence shines through and it’s a great, positive state of mind to be in, conducive to moving forward in life.” Beautifully said. Nice post.

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