Ashley Moyer’s Leadership Journey (The Concordia MBA Part 11)

Today, Ashley Moyer shares her thoughts about what her journey has been like on her path to receive her Concordia MBA. Ashley is the Director of Institutional Advancement at San Juan Diego Catholic High School. San Juan Diego is “The School That Works!” Learn more at
“It takes a village.” It’s a phrase often heard in reference to raising children. I think this applies to leadership as well. Without a village there is no one to encourage, support and most importantly follow a leader.

As I enter my final two semesters in theConcordia MBA program, it truly has taken a village to help me continue down this path to earn my MBA and ultimately be a leader who makes a difference.

The Concordia MBA values the concept of “the village.” We started the program in a cohort, meaning I continue through the program with the same group of students. Throughout our time together we have become a close-knit group. Besides co-workers and members of your household, how many people can you say you spend four hours with every week?
My “village” has increased tremendously throughout the program. My classmates encourage me to stay focused in the program when my personal life and work seem to overshadow my studies. My husband supports me by making it easy for me to come home from work and just focus on school work by taking over the majority of the household chores. I even have amazing co-workers who have filled in for me when I did last minute edits to papers at work.
Although when I graduate in May, the degree will only have my name on it, it really should have my classmates’, my husband’s, and my co-workers’ names on it as well. My village has truly helped me throughout this journey and I truly appreciate their support.

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