Ashley Moyer’s Leadership Journey – The Concordia MBA (Part 5)

Today, Ashley Moyer shares her thoughts about what her journey has been like on her path to receive her Concordia MBA. Ashley is the Director of Institutional Advancement at San Juan Diego Catholic High School. San Juan Diego is “The School That Works!” Learn more at
Two semesters down, four to go. April 2014. Graduation. Every Thursday night I spend four hours moving closer to that goal. But as I really think about it, that isn’t my goal. My motivation to work on my MBA came from my desire to be a leader that makes a difference. The Concordia MBA truly does that. Aside from typical business courses in Accounting, Marketing and Economics, I’ve also completed courses in Critical Thinking and Leadership of Self. Next week I begin Ethics. I am not just gaining skills in this program, I am also discovering who I am as a leader.
I first completed the application to Concordia as a 24 year old that was getting married in three months; getting through the application process was a challenge for me. I doubted my ability to succeed in the Concordia MBA program. Would I even get in? What would I do with an MBA? Would I be able to keep up with the workload? I was afraid of failure.
As a child I was shy around “grown-ups.” I was always well behaved, but never spoke a word. Now at 25 years old, sometimes I still see myself as that little girl that must be respectful of adults. I pay bills, have a rewarding career, and an excellent husband. It dawned on me, “I am a grown-up.” I am just as valuable in the classroom as my classmates with 20 years work experience. This realization was ultimately a gain of confidence, which has also translated into my professional life too.
As I was exploring new career opportunities, I again struggled with the application process. I often applied to jobs thinking that I was not a strong candidate. And when I found myself accepting a position that I originally thought I had no shot at, a little bit more of that shy little girl image was shed.
I am one-third of the way through the MBA program, but I have already gained so much. The Concordia MBA has given me the confidence to no longer be that shy little girl. It hasn’t been an easy road, but I look forward to whatever challenges come my way. I look at this program as one step in my goal of constantly working to become a leader that makes a difference. 
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