Get Back on Track – Protecting Goals

Sonya Apodeca recently completed the SOS Leadership Protecting Goals Showcase, a 5-week goal-setting program that teaches the process of goal setting and achievement. Here’s what she had to say about the experience:
“The Protecting Goals program reinforced bits of goal setting knowledge I already had, helped fill in gaps that I did not realize existed, and offered an organized step-by-step process. The sequence of questions and thoughts that we kept top-of-mind over five weeks brought goal setting into better focus for me. The tools provided make creating, evaluating, planning, and tracking goals more manageable and effective which motivates me to continue using them. Participation in this program was exactly what I needed to get back on the goal setting and achievement track. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to be energized (or re-energized) to achieve lifetime dreams.”

– Sonya Apodeca, November 2011 Protecting Goals: The Science of Personal Achievement Graduate

Where is our program called Protecting Goals? We NEED to protect our goals from three key obstacles:
1) Ourselves – How often have you been the number one reason why you haven’t achieved a goal that was important to you? We often sabotage ourselves. We dissuade ourselves from moving forward, from working toward the goals we’ve set for ourselves.
2) Other people – We all have people in our lives who try to prevent us from achieving our goals. Sometimes it’s because they love us and want to protect us. Other times it’s because our progress makes them more aware of their own lack of progress. Whatever the reason, we must protect our goals from them so that we don’t allow them to stop us from going for it!
3) Our other goals – Until we have a clear understanding of how we prioritize what matters most in our lives, our goals can compete with each other for our attention. It’s vital to figure out how we prioritize our goals so that we don’t neglect the goals (and people) that are important to us.
To learn more about the Protecting Goals: The Science of Personal Achievement program, click here.

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