Kid Confidence

I Rule.
“I’m going to have a powerful job…as a superhero. I’m going to save people and animals from the ocean.”

~ Words of wisdom from my 4 year old niece, Anna

“I’m going to be a firefighter and a fixer when I grow up. I’m the best at fixing things.”

~ Words of wisdom from my 3 year old son, Colin

One of the greatest advantages of spending a lot of time with young kiddos is experiencing the interesting and thought-provoking things they say.

In their innocence, kids often cause us to think more deeply, laugh more often, and pay attention to the little things. Many of the kids I know also have a confidence, a real self-assuredness that many adults don’t have. There’s a certain sweet spot (somewhere in the 3-5 age range for the most part) where kids seem to really believe in themselves. They think they’re the best block-builders, princesses, superheroes, skippers, hoppers, or whatever else they attempt.

On the flip side, many adults struggle with belief in themselves. For some it’s a matter of self-esteem, for others humility, and still others a combination of life experiences that have created self-doubt.

How do we change this cycle? How do we help kids to maintain that self-confidence and make it last through their teenage years and into adulthood? How do we rediscover our strengths and recognize the good within us?

Big questions, all without easy or one-size-fits-all answers.

So think about you. What is your level of belief in yourself? Do you feel like you can do anything you set your mind to? Or do you struggle with self-doubt? Do you decide not to do things because you don’t think you can or because you’re afraid to fail? What can you do to regain your Kid Confidence?

Know this, you CAN achieve your dreams. And I, for one, believe you will!

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