Lead a Gr8 Life

Farhana Khawar takes inspiration from all things in nature. Moving from a concrete jungle of the busy city life in the U.K, to sunny California proved to be a great move for her.  After studying Business Management, and co-founding an E commerce business, she didn’t quite feel satisfied. Something was missing. Farhana’s inherent thirst for realizing her own potential and what value she could bring to others led her to a journey to work for several non-profit organizations.

A year after moving to Austin, her youngest child suffered a detrimental reaction to the Dtap vaccine.  She took a break to care for her.  Now feeling stronger and with the support of her family, she co-founded an organization called “The Muslim Connection-Austin”.  A group of people working on a holistic approach to better ourselves as human beings.  This group is also branching out to work with special needs families to empower and enable them to contribute as equal citizens in society.

It has truly been a blessing for me to be part of this group of extraordinary people. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity.  I would like to thank everyone involved in helping me realize my true potential.  I love and appreciate everyone of you.

After completing this program, by the grace of God I’ve landed many more opportunities.  I’m even closer now to achieving my goals.

What the Gr8 women leaders program did for me was help me recognize my true potential. I realized it was a matter of fine tuning. I needed to focus more on setting my goals and protecting my goals too.  The modules and listening to the segments, as well as Amber’s feedback really helped me internalize the program and accept it. This was serious business.  I felt I was in the big leagues now.  I needed to step up my game in order to survive in the real world.  I’ve usually stepped into things with my feet in first.  Sometimes with complete fear, in the hopes of learning from every opportunity that came my way, and to seize the moment.  Amber Fogarty came at the right time in my life.  I had just landed a career after staying at home with a sick child.  It seemed like the ideal job at that time.

However, I was not ready.  I had to rediscover my worth and my value.  With the help of my group I was able to pursue my own career.

I went through many life changes, from my career to personal ones.  I loved  the support and encouragement I received from the group throughout every stage.

I’ve witnessed pain and suffering just like many of others have in their lives. What inspired me to lead a better life through this program was realizing that when we recognize the pain and we are able to plow through the suffering – one day the flowers, they will bloom!

What I loved about this program was that we began with assessing who we were as individuals. Then we explored our ultimate purpose in life.  The traits and qualities we discovered about ourselves helped me find myself.  To find oneself, is to find God!   I had an epiphany!  Everything we are learning, all the ways we are trying to better ourselves, they are all leading back to getting closer to our creator.  God is perfect, and He likes perfection!  Many times I questioned my worth. God has always known I’m good enough. If I’m good enough for Him, then that means I’m good enough for everyone else.  As I’m not defined by what people think of me.  God loves me, and wants me to continue bettering myself. He has expectations of me, As I of Him.

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