Lead a Gr8 Life

Michele Freeman lives in Austin with her husband and son. She has a background in event management and a Bachelors degree from St. Edward’s in Organizational Communication.

I joined Gr8 women leaders because I had been looking for a leadership and personal development opportunity for a while, and the Gr8 women leaders program was the best fit for what I was looking to achieve. It is hard to find a professional group in Austin geared toward women only and not focused on a specific field.

I adore my friends and have a strong social support system, but I thought I would benefit from the experiences of other women that I didn’t already know and that would help me be accountable.

The energy from the women in my group was awesome, and I learned as much from listening to them talk about their goals and achievements as I did from the lessons that the program provided. It was so valuable to me to be in a group with women who were facing the same types of challenges I did even though their lives might be vastly different from mine and hearing how they dealt with their challenges.

The wisdom I took from the women in my group came in many forms from book suggestions that have provided me continued lessons in leadership and to how they set leadership examples in their lives and work from managing up to working to discover others leadership language.

The program and coaching Gr8 women leaders provided also helped me to clarify my personal ambitions and realizations.

The top takeaways from Gr8 Women leaders that have allowed me to continue to lead a Gr8 life are:

– Meet people where THEY are, not where MY motivations are. I can only change me.

– The importance of a goal setting process. I’ve always had goals, and done my best to meet them, but the program taught me the importance of writing and formulating goals and that not all my goals need to be grand in nature!

– Know my non-negotiables, and say no to things that will cost me sleep so that I can focus on doing the things that matter and leaving me feeling fulfilled.

This program helped me professionally and personally. While I’m on the road to a new professional opportunity right now, the tools I’ve learned through Gr8 women leaders have already helped me to see what might be a good fit and what is not what I’m looking for which I know will put me right where I’m supposed to be when all is said and done!

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