Leaders are Different

I started my day by reading this article entitled “Why and How Leaders are Different,” by Mark Miller, author of “The Heart of Leadership: Becoming a Leader People Want to Follow.”

The article reinforced everything I believe about leadership. One of the foundational ideas of Miller’s books is this:

“Leaders are different and the difference is their HEART. It affects everything we do as leaders.”

Do you agree? When I think about the leaders I respect and admire most, all of them have incredible hearts. Hearts so big that I am in awe of their capacity to love and give.

The leaders I’ve most struggled to understand and relate to are those who think that leadership has nothing to do with heart. They think that leadership is all about them.

Miller reminds us of this important idea:

“The good news for all of us who aspire to leadership — it is rarely lack of skills that knock us off course — skills are too easy to learn. When we get stuck as a leader, it is most often an issue of the heart.”

If you find yourself stuck on your leadership journey, perhaps it’s time to look within and get to the heart of the matter. It’s an inevitable and vital part of our leadership growth.

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