Leading with Purpose. Leading on Purpose.

I recently presented a workshop at a leadership conference to a group of St. Edward’s University college students. I entitled the workshop, “Leading with Purpose. Leading on Purpose.”

As I prepared for this presentation, I reflected on the value of knowing your purpose in life and on the importance of recognizing that leadership is a choice. Thus, we cannot lead with purpose until we know our life’s purpose, and we must make a conscious choice to lead. Choosing to be a leader isn’t a choice we make just once in our lives; it’s a choice we must make daily.

  • Will I be a leader who makes a difference today? Or will I be a follower who blames the leader when things don’t go the way I hoped they would?
  • Will I see someone in need and help them or will I look the other way?
  • Will I encourage someone today and motivate them to achieve their full potential? Or will I point out all of his shortcomings?
  • Will I offer my forgiveness to that person who has hurt me? Or will I continue to carry around the burden of anger?
  • Will I offer a hand up to someone’s who feels down and out? Or will I kick her while she’s down?

The St. Edward’s University mission statement encourages students to “understand themselves, clarify their personal values and recognize their responsibility to the world community.” This is only possible when you have identified your purpose in life. Do you know who you are called to be? Do you understand yourself? Have you taken the time to clarify your values? Do you recognize your responsibility in making this world a better place? Are you making choices about your future based on your life purpose?

John Wooden once said, “You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.” I personally have embraced this quote as part of my life’s purpose. What is your life’s purpose? Are you a leader? Will you consciously choose to lead today?

I challenge you to lead with purpose and to CHOOSE to lead on purpose. Make it a great day!

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