Kassi Kincaid is a sophomore at Concordia University Texas. She is a business major currently serving as a Senator of the Business College and Student Worker in charge of Speaker Series.

Some days are extra special. They serve as milestones along ones journey. December 5, 2013 was such a day for me. The College of Business celebrated hosting their 50th speaker by a reflection speaker series over the past five years. For me this was not only a day of reminiscing for the College of Business, but a moment of reflecting back on my leadership journey as student worker currently in charge of hosting these events.

This journey started last November when Dean Christian invited me to lunch with the CEO speakers and also asked me if I would help greet people beforehand. I was thrilled because I saw this as a great opportunity, but didn’t know where it would lead me. Since that day, I have continued to help with every speaker series and find myself now working the event.

This job presents several responsibilities and opportunities for leadership. First, I am the first face the speaker sees on campus, so first impressions and how I present myself really reflect the school in a major way. Second, I am in charge of managing the people I get to help me run the event. Since my concentration is business management, this has been a golden opportunity to practice both leadership and management skills. Two main things I have taken away from this job are 1) Communication skills are essential and 2) Passion makes all the difference in what you do.

Communication is the cohesive bond that makes speaker series possible, from the day I start preparing to the time of the actual event. Passion is a tool of leadership, inspiring others by the excitement and effort you display. I am grateful how this job has been a part of my leadership journey and I look forward to seeing what the future speaker series have in store.

Today’s post is the third post in the Student’s Who Lead blog series.

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