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We are thankful for our many blog followers. Here are some of my favorite blogs. I encourage you to follow each one of these.

Some Assembly Required – Thom Singer

Thom Singer’s blog is one I follow often. He does a great job posting regularly, mostly about his perspective in the speaking industry. He also shares his insights on networking, which can be great for professionals who are looking to become more effective networkers. Thom also has a series called “Cool things my friends do” where he features his friends each week. This is probably my favorite part of his blog.

Thinking About Leadership – Don Christian

Don Christian is the Dean of the School of Business at Concordia University Texas. He certainly knows leadership. He shares his personal thoughts on leadership in his blog and often gives shout outs to his colleagues and friends. If you are looking for a good view on leadership, especially Christian Leadership, Don’s blog is a must follow.

Michael Lee Stallard – Michael Lee Stallard

Michael Lee Stallard’s blog is filled with valuable information, mostly on employee engagement. Michael wrote a great book called Fired Up or Burned Out which is a great read on engagement. Michael’s blog has received a lot of attention on best blog lists and the attention is certainly warranted. Michael also shares his own ought on leadership and his personal stories really show up in the blog.

Coaching Confidence – Jen Waller

Jen Waller has one of the best blogs on coaching that I have read. She is a coach herself and she is able to share her personal thoughts on coaching. She also has a guest blogger every Friday, which adds a lot to her blog. It is one thing to share your personal thoughts, it is another thing to allow others to share their views.

Never Mind the Manager – Frode Heiman

Frode Heiman’s blog is one of the better leadership blogs I have read. I found his blog because he mentioned our SOS Leadership blog in a post. He understands that the way to attract followers is to feature others. Since learning of his blog, I read it weekly.

Mark Sanborn – Mark Sanborn

Mark Sanborn is one of my favorite authors. His book, The Fred Factor is a must read. If you have read any of his books, you will love his blog.

Leadership Freak – Dan Rockwell

Dan Rockwell is an awesome leadership blogger. I found his blog through Twitter (a great way to find blogs) and I have really enjoyed reading his thoughts. If you are looking for great insights on leadership, this blog is a must follow.

Workplace Mojo – Matt Monge

Matt Monge’s blog focuses on leadership and culture. He has a great story and is really honest with readers. His blog is really fun. He recently included a clip of Michael Scott from The Office in a blog about Bosses. Don’t miss Matt’s entertaining and educational blog!

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