New Year, New Goals?

I’m facilitating a workshop this week called, “New Year, New Goals.” As I’ve been working on my preparation for this workshop, I’ve been reflecting on the fact that many of my 2012 goals are not new.

One of the interesting things about goal-setting is how many of our goals are lifetime goals. Some of my lifetime goals include honoring my marriage vow of “til death do us part,” being the best mother I can be to my beautiful children, and living a healthy, active lifestyle.
Ultimately, there are two different types of goals:
1) Becoming goals
2) Having goals
Our lifetime goals tend to fall into the becoming category. These goals focus on becoming who we are called to be and fully living out our passion. Becoming goals can be extremely challenging, if not impossible, when we don’t know our life’s purpose. I spent many years of my life spinning my wheels because I didn’t fully understand my purpose in life. Now that I do, I am committed to making daily progress toward my becoming goals, always striving to remain focused on what matters most in my life.
Our having goals are all about a one-time achievement or getting something we want. These goals are important as well. Some of us are more motivated by having goals, while others tend to focus their time and energy on becoming goals. Which strategy is best? That’s not for me to determine. It depends on you and where you are on your leadership journey. Most people have a combination of both types of goals.
So is your new year filled with new goals? Will you be more focused on becoming or having?

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