Pillars of Flawed Paradigms

Today’s guest blog comes from Doug Rood of Decisive Solutions Coach, which is committed to helping the individual and groups of individuals take control of their destiny by creating proactive positive choices that produce the delicious fruit of their desires. Doug is a coach faculty member of SOS Leadership’s SOS Coaching Network.

This morning while having my early morning daily devotional, I came across a passage that provoked thought with me that I would like to share with you. The passage is found in Psalm 29:3-6. In a nutshell, it says that the voice of the Lord is powerful and majestic like thunder and it breaks the cedars, the cedars of Lebanon. It goes on to say that He makes Lebanon “skip like a calf”.

As I paused to consider this idea of “breaks the cedars”, a question came to mind. Could the cedars represent “pillars of flawed paradigms”? I know for sure that I still have paradigms that are flawed and in need of being broken and replaced with new and effective paradigms. Am I alone in this journey?

The subsequent phrase, “He makes Lebanon skip like a calf…” created another question. Could these two verses refer to bondage and freedom? I don’t know because I am not an Old Testament Hebrew scholar by any stretch of the imagination. It just seems logical to me.

Would you agree with me that “pillars of flawedparadigms” are like bondage? If our pillars were broken, what could we imagine?Might we get a “skip” back in our steps?

As we begin a new week and a new month, might we introspectively reflect on the possibility of “pillars of flawedparadigms”? If so, what are some of those that come to mind? Does fear, doubt, uncertainty, hopelessness, negativity, etc. rise up? How about letting God’s powerful, majestic voice break those cedars so that you can “skip” this week?

Endless possibilities do exist. Let God amaze YOU!

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