Salute to Entrepreneurs

The RISE Conference took place in Austin this week. RISE, which stands for Relationship & Information Series for Entrepreneurs, is an “un-conference” for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. I had the opportunity to present to a great group of entrepreneurs on Tuesday and attended several really fantastic sessions. I love to learn! If there’s one thing I think separates achievers from dreamers, it is the desire and commitment to learn.

Yesterday I attended the Women Entrepreneur Panel, hosted by Austin Woman Magazine. There was a rock star panel of powerful, successful entrepreneurs, hosted by the fabulous Keri Bellacosa of MyFoxAustin. It was an inspiring session, packed with good advice, war stories, and a lot of laughs.

Here’s the best advice for entrepreneurs I received from yesterday’s session:

  • As an entrepreneur, do something that scares you every day. Be a risk taker, and accept risk as part of opportunity.
  • Being an entrepreneur is an adventure in personal growth. You have the option to choose your own adventure!
  • There’s no substitute for hard work. Being an entrepreneur means choosing which 80 hours a week you work!
  • Entrepreneurs must be able to look around the corner, to sense what’s going to happen before it does.
  • The clients that pay you the least are often the most work!
  • As an entrepreneur, you must have an “ambidextrous brain.” You need to recognize that successful entrepreneurship requires your whole brain.
  • Hire to your weaknesses not your strengths.
  • Being an entrepreneur allows you to carve out the really important time you want to spend with your kids. You can choose to be there for everything that matters – no missing plays, recitals, or sporting events.
  • Being an entrepreneur gives you the flexibility to make the life choices you want to make!

Entrepreneurs, we salute you! Keep working hard and living the dream!

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