Screw Your Resolutions

What? Is that really the title of this blog post. Yes, you read it right.

I got an email with this subject yesterday. It floored me. It was from a local pub and the first paragraph read, “If you’re like most of us, 24 days ago you swore off booze, good food, and fun times for awhile. Well, we’d like to put you back on the right track so we’ve come up with a few outs…”
So this pub is giving me and you an out on our resolutions. Awesome.
The truth is that by January 25th, most people have screwed their own resolutions without help from a pub. They made the choice themselves. They were never fully committed to the resolutions to begin with. Is that true for you?
Regardless of where you stand with those “resolutions,” you can make a choice today. I say screw your resolutions. Set goals instead. Start today.

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