Sometimes Leaders Let You Down

There are so many examples of well-known leaders who let people down. The media jumps at every opportunity to tell us these stories, and they’ve become all too familiar. However, the purpose of today’s post is to encourage you to think about how you respond when the leaders in your life let you down.

I’m in the midst of reflecting on how to respond to a leader in my life who has let me down. I’ve been going through a thought process to really think about the situation and to consider my role in it. From a personal accountability standpoint, I’ve been trying to utilize this 3-question approach whenever I have conflict:

1) What is my role in this conflict?
2) How did I contribute to it?
3) What can I do to be part of the solution?

If I’m completely honest, the answers to these questions aren’t always easy to admit. But I recognize that I have a role to play in every conflict in my life. As much as I want it to be 100% the other person’s fault, that is rarely the reality. The “Blame Game” takes me nowhere, except down a destructive path that doesn’t allow me to work toward resolving the conflict. In those moments, I’m abundantly thankful for the people in my life who help me to think through the challenges I’m facing and who don’t allow me to play the Blame Game. These influential leaders who are part of my world help me to be a more accountable leader. They contribute to lifting me up when I’m feeling let down, and they help me to grow in my leadership.

How do you deal when a leader in your life lets you down?

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