Student’s Who Give- A Lesson From The Younger Generation

During my short time here at San Juan Diego Catholic High School, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to interview some amazing students. The students that I’ve interviewed have all been seniors, about to graduate from high school and make their mark on the world. What has amazed me about the students I’ve interviewed is how ambitious and selfless they are. They devote their time to not only their studies, but they devote their time to helping out in their community by volunteering at local organizations.

These students are also grateful for the opportunity to come to such an amazing school. Every single student I interviewed expressed to me how thankful they were for the sacrifices their parents made. One student even spoke of how he wanted to build a house for his parents after he finished his masters degree. Although the way the students wanted to express their gratitude to their parents for pushing them to go further in their education and giving them the opportunity to do so, it was all gratitude nonetheless.

From my point of view, it’s very refreshing to see the younger generations of students be so grateful for what they have. It’s rare, I think, when older generations can look at younger generations and take a lesson from them. I know some people from older generations who dwell on every worry, every stress, and they don’t look at the bigger picture of how blessed they are with everything they have. Some of these students I interviewed don’t have much, but they are thankful and see what they have, and are happy nonetheless.

At times when we feel overly stressed or overworked, we should take a step back and see all that we’ve accomplished in our lives; we need to take a few notes from the younger generation every now and then. We need to realize, in this crazy world filled with work and everyday life stresses, we should be carefree at times while still realizing how blessed we are to have the things that we have.

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