What is Happiness to you?

I’m sure by now even my grandmother can sing along to the Pharrell song, “Happy”. I feel like I heard it twice a day on my vacation two weeks ago in Orlando. It was played on the radio, at Disney World, even the band at a bar covered it! During my trip, the lyric “Clap your hands if you know what happiness is to you” challenged me to think about happiness differently.

I was at “The Happiest Place on Earth” and realized happiness should not be controlled by someone or something else. Although things like nail salons and day trips to Fredericksburg make me happy, happiness comes from within. It can’t be bought. Happiness is a choice.

And to me, happiness is the feeling of accomplishment. This isn’t just simply being able to cross things off on my to-do list. To me it is the ability to sit back and look at what I completed and then share it with others. Although I love the feeling of being pampered at the nail salon, it feels so much better when I look down and see well-manicured and polished nails that I did (bonus is when someone compliments my own work!).

During my trip, I was able to visit with my aunt, uncle and cousins who live in Florida. As one of my cousins just completed his freshman year of college and I just completed my MBA, much of our conversations were about college. We discussed what to study, internships, graduate schools admissions process, and even funny roommate encounters. I loved being able to reflect on my accomplishments and share my experiences with my relatives. This brought me happiness!

Happiness is different things to different people. It should be something you, and only you, can control. Your true source of happiness shouldn’t be a possession, a person, a trip to the nail salon, or even going to Disney World. Find something that you can control and then make the choice to be happy!

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